Dialogue in the Dark


What if I were blind?


If I were blind, it would be hard at the beginning, but after a lot of training, it would get easier and easier to look around. To understand the Blindness we went to a center where the people work this type of handicap.

First,  we went through a park with plants, water, a lot of grass and the way was out of gravel. We had to get over the water twice so we had to pass over two bridges. The second bridge moved a bit.


Then there was a kitchen and the living room with a sofa, some chairs and a table.

There was a TV,  too. In the house it was a bit harder to look around, because there were many chairs. After you found something with the stick, you had to recognise what this object was.


After that, we went to the city center.

To get to the market,  we had to cross a street, but when the traffic light was green and we heard the sound.

In the supermarket, we were able to touch and smell some fruits.

When we went out, we needed to go upstairs and on our left we touched a car. Then, the man told us about the ship and we went into it.

We were moving and it seemed that it wasn´t false. They asked us about the ship and we said that we were in the same place all the time.


Later, we went to a sofa to listen some relaxing music. Some of us were about to fall asleep.

The last place we visited was a  bar, and if we wanted to, we could buy some drinks or food. For example,  Melina and Laurent bought something, and other people didn't.

Before we went outside, all of us were sitting in the chairs and we were asking questions to the man who guided the tour, but not many people asked him questions.

At the end, we came back slowly to the light.

The experience was amazing, because we learnt a lot of new things and how these people feel and move around in the world.