If I had Diabetes ...

If I were diagnosed with Diabetes, I would be really shocked. It would probably  mean that my life changed forever and would never be the same anymore.  It would also mean that I could never eat and live like before.


If I had Diabetes, my life would be quite different. It would mean that I had a disease in which my high blood sugar levels needed to be controlled all the time. If I wanted to do sports, I would always have to check my blood sugar value with my device. The normal value would be between 80 and 180 on the device. If it were too high, I would have to decrease the blood sugar with my device; it is adding insulin to my body. It would open the cells so they can gather the sugar. If the blood sugar was too low, I would have to eat dextrose. I would always have to carry my bag with all the necessary things in it, like my devices, my diabetic pass, my blood glucose meters and my batteries. Maybe I would try to hide it from my friends and other people. If I had Diabetes, I would have to go to the doctor really often, at least once a year for a check-up.


In conclusion we want to say we have a lot of respect for these people who suffer from diabetes. We can’t imagine how hard and difficult life must be with that disorder.

Group members: Mariarita, Maria, Emily, Eliza