If I were blind...


The official definition of blindness in the Oxford dictionary is: The state or condition of being unable to see because of injury, disease, or a congenital condition. Being blind, for you to understand, is a disability, and people that have it can’t see anything. Their daily life is more difficult than ours and they need to be helped all the time.




My life would be very different. I would be always dependent of somebody and I would need a guide dog. I would have my other senses a lot more developed and I would guide myself by smelling, hearing, touching and tasting things. And I will always carry my cane with me!


I’d feel scared to go outside because I wouldn’t be able to see if a car or a bike is coming, or if the traffic lights are green or red. I’d feel insecure because I wouldn’t know if I’m walking the right way or I’m going to trip on something. When I meet new people I’d have to touch their face or hands to recognize them or just listen to their voices.


My daily routine would be more complex because someone would have to prepare my clothes and help me going to the bathroom. When I have to go to school by train or any public transport, I would have to be accompanied by somebody. In school, I would have to have special books that are written in braille and when the teacher writes something in the board, somebody would have to tell me what he wrote. Also, when I have to go to a restaurant or a bar, I wouldn’t be able to see the food or, when I have to pay someone would have to help me, or where do I sit. Somebody would have to cook for me because if I do it I could burn myself. If someone knocked on the door of my house, I wouldn’t know who it is.


In conclusion, I think it would be hard to be blind because I would always need somebody’s help for most of the thing that, seeing, I can do on my own. I would be able to hear more than the rest of the people. I think I would get used to walk around in familiar places because I would recognize the objects that are around me and the place where they are.


By: Marta and Henedina