If I were handicapped ...

We were trying a weelchair to feel how it is to live as  a handicapped person . We went to some classrooms, to some physic rooms and to the gym. The first problem was the small door in the gym because we did not know how to get trough it. We couldn’t imagine having this restrictions everyday. My life wouldn’t be as easy as it is now. I would be restricted for many things and couldn’t do what I want to do.


I would feel expelled from  society and like a sort  of  outsider. Moreover,  life in general would be very difficult because of  lots of obstacles in different places, like stairs, toilettes.... If everybody looked  at you, you would feel weird and unconfident.  A lot of people would have prejudices and I couldn’t live without the help of others. I would be always dependent on my friends or family. If I  did sports, I would be disadvantaged, for example: when you play basketball  you are smaller than anyone else and it is more difficult to throw the ball into the basket or even to another player, furthemore, the others can run faster than you.  Also,  if I were handicapped I couldn’t do sports,  go dancing or do gymnastics. There would be a lot of problems at school too. If I were handicapped, I couldn’t enter small places like toilets, and moreover you couldn’t go up the second floor or see the board from every desk in the classrooms.


We have a lot of respect for everyone who is sitting in a wheelchair. It must be very difficult to have the same life as a no handicapped person does. They must be very strong if they do their life even if it is much more difficult than ours.


Group members: Chiara, Christina, Neele; Nele