Integration in middle school


What if I were a handicapped person in middle school?


I should have a support teacher because I wouldn’t be able to do my work alone. While every other student in my class gets normal tasks I have to get special ones plus extra time to do them. Some tasks are too difficult for me so I need more help from the support teacher than the other students. But the support teacher also helps other students because everyone sometimes needs help with the tasks and not just the disabled persons. Some teachers would give me the same tasks as the normal students if it is not too difficult for me. If the teacher stands in front of the class and tries to explain something to us it’s very difficult for me to understand everything and to answer the question from our teacher. So while all other students are doing the tasks our teacher has to explain everything to me again.


In the break there aren’t any problems for me because we stay together and if I have any problems my classmates can help me. All of my classmates are very nice so I can stay all over the break and play with them. If I need help my friends will help me so there aren’t any problems for me. I enjoy every day at school with my friends.


written by Greta, Marco, Muinthan.