What if I were handicapped...

A handicap is a condition in which part of your body or mind has been permanently damaged or does not work normally. This word is now considered offensive by many people, who prefer the word disability.


Imagine you are a disabled child and you need to go to school. A handicap makes daily things nearly impossible or very difficult until you find a way to solve them. In Buxtehude there is an institution called counseling. If you have a disability and you need support you can go there.


If I were handicapped, a bus from the counseling would pick me up in the morning. We would go to the center because school starts at 8:00AM. The school day begins with normal school subjects like math or German lessons. There is just a small number of students in a class, so the teacher can focus on every single one.

Throughout the day, I can go to different therapy programs which can help me to succeed in my daily life.


One therapy is about movement to control my body. In the room you can find a trampoline and a swing.

We play many different games and do some exercise.

Another therapy helps me to control the movements in my face. During these 30 minutes people help me to brush my teeth or massage my face with a soft brush.



When the day was too stressful, I have the opportunity to go to a special room where I can calm down. I can lay on a waterbed and listen to different kind of sounds. I can choose between the different lighting which is really relaxing. In the afternoon either my parents pick me up or the bus takes me back home.


All in all the counseling is a place where the employees try to make a normal life possible for handicapped people.

After school they offer to work in a paper workshop or to produce fire starters. The disabled people will have a future and get well integrated. They have the possibility to work with a company which cooperates with the counseling.


This project was written by Johanna Nier, Fernando Canten, Aurora Macchia and Jette Rose and is based on a personal experience.