This UNIT III was divided in two parts, both to be  displayed and shared in Spain. 


The activities we activated before the meeting  in Seville (11th/ 17th2018) were:

-       preparation with DIGITAL POSTERS and FLIPPED CLASSROOMS

-       all the students in their own country planned and issued DIGITAL POSTERS using this  

    digital tool: GLOGSTER

-       students had to analyse 6 topics for the digital posters

About GLOGSTERS:  they uploaded  their works before on the site then, they made international students groups according to topics. 

Students, adopting the Flipped Classroom Methodology,had to think about different kinds of exercises for the different skills (listening, reading, speaking & writing) based on the glogsters. 

To help them with the tasks they had to do in Spain, we created a PADLET to suggest them a few tools, aimed to create the specific activities. 



               1) unemployment

               2) homelessness

               3) social support system (welfare/government support)



                4) alcoholism

                5) bullying

                6) loneliness