Rapsody of Voices

«Rapsodia di Voci» is a music group of young refugees who left their country because of war and famine. They came to Italy to look for peace and better life conditions.  The group was accompanied by Elisabetta, a volunteer and Gaetano, the  Association’s representative,  to meet the students of the «Alberghiero Columella» in Lecce.


The Interview...

After refugees introduced themselves, the students asked them questions about their culture, their habits and how their lives changed once they arrived in Italy.



He isa 23 years-old boy from Casamance in southern Senegal. He talked about his culture and typical dances, such as the Diambadung, the Sabar and the Kingdong. He also told usabout a typical costume calledKantouran, used in the period of circumcision. The typical dish of Senegal isthe ThiebouDieune made with rice, hot spices, savoy cabbage, carrots, fish and much more…

John & Adams:

John and Adams are from Nigeria and, even ifthey are from the same country, they have different religionsas well as differentlanguages. In Nigeria there are many languages like Ibo, Edo and Awusa. John and Adams have something in common suchas a Christmas dance calledEdo dance, practiced twicea year ( 25th-26th of December). The main Nigeriandishes are Ogbono and Stew.


He is26 years-old and he’s from Afghanistan. He told ushe decidedto flee from his country because of  the war. To reach Italy, he wentthrough Iran, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Austria and Germany, doing this journey mostly on foot and,sometime,  by car. Talking about food, he told us that the main dish in Afghanistan is Kabuli Pulao.


Abdul is a youngboy from Egypt. When we met him, he was very shy, the reason why wedon’t have lots of information about him. He has been living in Italy for six years and he told us that his life is very similar to the one in Egypt.

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